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Eat When You Feel Sad (2008)

by Zachary German(Favorite Author)
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1933633859 (ISBN13: 9781933633855)
Melville House
Bear Parade
review 1: I don't know why this style of writing works for me. At the beginning, it doesn't. For 20-30 pages I was annoyed by the simplicity, by the repetition, by the fact that the narrator is a depressed, drunk hipster. And then at some point the rhythm of the language takes over. It's a simple rhythm, hypnotic, with the predictability of a pendulum. Except, every once in a while, it breaks out of the repetition, and those moments become rewarding, sometimes funny, sometimes wise. This is a book for fans of Tao Lin. It's an experiment in writing from a generation that communicates with internet chatting and text messaging. It's a quiet and detached generation, and this style, as aggravating as it can be, represents that more truly than more florid prose probably ever c... moreould.
review 2: Experimental, challenging and superb. This slim book really had me skeptical about its style and substance by page 25 yet thoroughly engrossed by page 44. German's direct style truly makes you reevaluate how you process information and understand narratives. Lines like "Robert takes out his contact lenses," and "He looks at pictures of Lil Wayne on the internet" capture the beautiful mundanity of human life better than perhaps any book I've ever read. Keep in mind that when I started this book I really wanted to hate it. The fact that Zachary German dropped out of high school, started writing a book and here it was was in my hands made me both jealous and apprehensive. Eat When You Feel Sad is modern, clever and poignant. less
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So, I'm not exactly sure if I read this book or just excerpts from it. Most likely the excerpts.
Hemingway's iceberg technique brought to logical conclusion in ultra-sincere context
one of the best books i have ever read hands down
punk as fuck
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