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Ce Que Le Jour Doit à La Nuit (2008)

by Yasmina Khadra(Favorite Author)
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2260017584 (ISBN13: 9782260017585)
review 1: By : Yasmina KhadraBook : What the Day Owes the NightPages : 392Time period : 1930's - 2010Younes is the main character in the story/Muslim/Arab. A boy who once lived with his father but because of some crucial occasions happened to them. His father gave him up to his brother to live a better life. His uncle Mahi was a Pharmacists, married with no kids. Younes life changed from being poor and father can't support him to life that he started to get educated and learn to read and write. They lived in Oran.However, this changed when his uncle when to some political problems and had to leave this place to Rio Salado.Rio Salado, where Younes will have a dramatic change. Where he will find his 4 best friends (Andre, Fabrice, Jean-Christoper, and Simon)Jean-Christopher : hulking... more, giant at the age of 16. Every girl fall for himFabrice Scamaroni his sole ambition was to be a writerSimon Benyamin he was a Jewish who wanted to work in theaterJose/Dede son like fatherAndre who was a bully and brutal but not towards his friends.In this place he also experienced the first time to enter the whorehouse, sexual experience and #LOVE.Madame Cazenove is his first experience to love. This didn't last because it was one stand. However, her daughter Emilie who everyone fall for her, changed the lives of the friendship.Emilie was the true love that Younes looked for but because most of his friends fall for her he couldn't get near to her. Not only that but because her mother made him promise not to get near to her. She is the epic love story he got. Later on Algeria went on war between the Muslims and Christians. Which this part I didn't care I don't want to know anything about politics.However, because of Emilie you will find out what a man life is when a love is the reason for his living.My comment:this book is enough to be said one of my favorite books that I have read. I will never ever forget this book. I recommend it to everyone to read it. is #EPIC
review 2: Abençoada noite de insónia, acompanhada pela leitura deste memorável livro de Amor.Como colocar em palavras tudo o que este livro me ofereceu?O Amor em toda a sua plenitude é o fio condutor da vida, a lógica e a explicação para tudo.Um texto admirável, triste, comovente e muito belo que nos fala do amor eterno, da amizade…Um livro quase sensorial, que através da sua mágica prosa nos permite ver, ouvir, cheirar, tocar e até provar tantas emoções.Mais um livro perfeito. less
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Adevarul e ca mai intai am vazut filmul... Nu stiu daca altfel as fi citit cartea.
super livre d'aprés le film
c un pur plaisir
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