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Wolf Flight (2009)

by Vivian Arend(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 5
Samhain Publishing
Granite Lake Wolves
review 1: Okay, I've got a better handle on this series now. They're all novellas (helped if I had read that earlier) and so knowing that, I've started enjoying the series more. I like that it seems, so far, the different characters are being put in different situations and thus you learn more about the technicalities of shape shifting and being a wolf. I find that really interesting. The characters are also entertaining and there are certain ones that I've met briefly that I'm interesting in seeing more of. A fun, very quick fantastical read.
review 2: Tad is an half blood wolf and untriggered. He wants to triggered, but he doesn't want to have FirstMate with a woman who is already mated. Missy is away from her pack trying to figure out a way to get away from the Alpha.
... more Missy and Tad known each other since high school, and they loved each other but Missy was told to stay away and not to tell him about his wolf heritage. and Tad didn't know Missy was a wolf at all. Now they are together again, Missy is a widow and Tad knows about his wolf heritage. Missy volunteers for FirstMate for Tad. They find out they actually mates. But they still have a fight on their hands from Missy's pack.Tad is going to fight to death to keep Missy safe. Wolf Flight was good book to read. less
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brilliant book. a must read for anyone (of age obviously!)
A short but sweet story.
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loved it!
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