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Werewolf In Las Vegas (2014)

by Vicki Lewis Thompson(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 2
045141568X (ISBN13: 9780451415684)
Wild About You
review 1: VLT writes some of the most creative sex scenes around and this latest installment in the Wild About You series doesn’t disappoint. Think chocolate mousse! But she also delivers an hysterical running gag as the sister’s hero pranks him again and again. The hero’s character is fully developed and his conflict is revealed as the story progresses, the heroine’s not so much. Her conflict over being a werewolf is wrapped up quickly at the end with little fuss, a bit implausible given the drama in earlier installments. Still a great read!
review 2: The sixth book in the Wild About You series by Vicki Lewis Thompson is a tale about falling in love with the wrong person, and making it work. Werewolf in Las Vegas has all of the wit and charm readers have come to
... more love from this author, along with a bit of humor and a prankster. Humans and weres don't make good mates, but when Giselle and Luke can not longer deny their feelings for each other, maybe it's time to change the rules. Readers are treated to, not one but two couples that have a lot to learn about love. This humorous romp through Vegas will have readers smiling all the way through.What I liked:This is the first book in the Wild About You series that I have had the privilege to review, though I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the other five. Vicki Lewis Thompson has a knack for taking a plot and stripping it down to it's simplest form. Her writing is straight forward, concise and to the point. Boy meets girl. Girl falls for boy even though he isn't right for her. Boy and Girl defy the odds and make it work. That's about as simple as you can get, but for this series that's a good thing. It works. Werewolf in Las Vegas features another werewolf/human combination that has been so successful for Vicki Lewis Thompson thus far. Luke and Giselle are both looking for their wayward siblings. Luke's sister doesn't want to go back to school, she wants to pursue her dreams of being a Vegas show girl. Giselle's brother is shirking his duties as the future alpha of their pack and must be reigned in. Both of siblings have joined forces against Luke and Giselle and lead them on a merry chase, including riddles and pranks that will have the reader in stitches. There were good parts about their relationship and some not so good parts.I liked the way Luke and Giselle interacted. She has always believed that humans and weres should not mate. I liked the fact that her ideas of what she thought she believed were challenged. She was able to see things from a different perspective when she started to fall for Luke and that provided an avenue for a lot of character growth in Giselle. I also enjoyed the way Luke was with her. He was adventurous and playful. The author uses a lot of humor throughout the book giving this paranormal relationship a lightness that was enjoyable to read about. There was plenty of sex for the adult reader to enjoy and plenty of everything else to keep readers flipping the pages.I can see a future book featuring Cynthia and Bryce in the works. Perhaps this book was really more of a set up for what's to come. Vicki Lewis Thompson is one of those writers who is always thinking ahead and having the secondary characters play such a big part in this novel is probably giving readers a little foreknowledge. I liked the secondary couple, but thought some of their antics were a bit high schoolish for my tastes. I can get into a good prank now and then, but repeatedly making your family solve riddles and running them around on a wild goose chase was a little much.What I didn't like:I thought the chemistry was definitely there between Luke and Giselle, but all the running around trying to find Bryce and Cynthia took a little bit away from the relationship that was developing between them. So much attention was paid to the secondary couple, that the main characters had to take the hit. Though I understood the necessity for that, it was still a little disconcerting.Through out the series so far, Thompson has taken the concept of Werewolf/human mating and given readers the ups and downs, ins and outs and provided a good overall story arc for the series. I agree there are only so many stories of this kind that will work, before readers start to loose interest. Considering that Werewolf in Las Vegas is book six of the Wild About You series, it might be time to consider adding some other source of conflict to keep the series fresh and original.Bottom Line:I liked this book. It was light and had a lot of humor but the overall story arc is starting to lag a little bit. Too much attention was paid to the secondary couple and caused the relationship of the main couple to loose some of it's luster. I still love the series and would recommend it to anyone. This just wasn't my favorite so far. less
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Another wonderful and fun book in this series.
Cute, furry read. Silly and enjoyable.
Cute but it ended to abruptly.
A great were romance..
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