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The 24th Letter (2000)

by Tom Lowe(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
Sean O'Brien
review 1: I really liked this second book with the same main character and his friends. The story did seem to move along a little easier than his first book. My only couple of problems with the story are the painter who was taken from the MICHAEL CONNELLY series and towards the end if you are familiar with the Bible you might get some of the clues faster. I still noticed other reviews saying that there were type o's. These seem to be from down loaded versions. I did not have any in the hard copy book. Overall this was a good book and I am glad I read the frist book for a start with the characters.
review 2: My review: This detective novel had a good plot and kept me entertained even though it was pretty predictable. A retired policeman sets about to right a wrong he com
... moremitted eleven years ago when an innocent man was sent to death row after he arrested him. He spends much of the book looking in the wrong direction for the real killer while the bodies continue to pile up. The editing needs serious work. I see the author has several of these books out with sales that look decent. Please spend a little to get an editor. While I kind of enjoyed this read it was tiresome straightening out things as I read. I doubt if I will pick up another to read unless I see a reputable editor listed. There are just too many of this style of book out there that are done better. I give this book a 2 star. less
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Not as good as the first one.
Loved this book.
Great read
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