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The Informant (2011)

by Thomas Perry(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 2
0547569335 (ISBN13: 9780547569338)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Butcher's Boy
review 1: This started out really well. About half way through I started to feel a bit disappointed. There wasn't much attempt to update it. It's basically twenty years out of date. He has the guy stealing cars in ways that wouldn't work now, breaking into houses without considering motion detectors are cheap. The whole way the Mafia is depicted is out of date. The Mafia was really a foreign group, recent immigrants who did nasty things. Books like this make them out to be stereotypes.
review 2: This was one of Thomas Perry's Butcher's Boy novels. The Butcher's Boy is a unique character...a professional mob hit man who is retired, trying to live a peaceful life. However, now and then some Mafia guy spots him and tries to take him out (for a large reward!) Then watch o
... moreut...this guy not only takes out the potential killer, but everyone that even had a remote chance of being the one who hired the killer. (These Mafia guys never seem to learn to leave this guy alone in these books.) Perry writes well and does an outstanding and creative job in showing how the mind the the retired hit man works and stages and describes the hit mans work in a gripping way. A strange character....clearly a demented, evil psychopath, but somehow the reader develops sympathy for him. less
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A good conclusion to the story that spans decades, although the end felt a bit rushed.
Excellent final chapter of the Butcher Boy trilogy. Very satisfying.
Another fun read in the Butcher's Boy series.
Good book but felt let down at the end.
Very good sequel.
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