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Come As You Are (2013)

by Theresa Weir(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 1
1492729817 (ISBN13: 9781492729815)
Belfry Press
review 1: Theresa book left me heartbroken and confused. Molly from the start you can tell there something wrong. Something eating away at her and its a secret that she doesn't want shared. She meets Ian and then comes to find out he something she could never imagine. A son to the man she called her father but also calls a monster. As things unravel you want to hit Molly and want to yell at Ian to tell him to tell molly how he feels. Molly pushes Ian and he lets her not wanting her to feel worse. As the secrets and mystery start to unravel Molly feeling she been pushing come to ahead as Ian starts to back away. Will there be time for Molly feelings truly be okay and will Ian realize he needs to fight to save her.
review 2: After taking a while to get into this book I was
... more finally able to finish it at last :)It takes a while to get Molly's demons out with an added twist which I wasn't expecting at all. But I'm glad this ends with a HEA. Molly is a pretty sad character, I felt bad for her and what she has been going through. Ian is a good guy in this and I found I liked his character although with him I felt that there were some gaps to this story. I like that there is dual pov but feel that it'd be better with more from Ian's side as it mainly sticks with molly overall I'd probably give this book a 3 maybe 3.5 less
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I found this book quite strange, but still really addictive and enjoyable.
It was well written but a tiny bit annoying as character was annoying.
10/10/2013: $0.99 on Kindle
3.75 stars!
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