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Redemption Blues (1999)

by T.D. Griggs(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 2
1481236008 (ISBN13: 9781481236003)
review 1: I really enjoyed Redemption Blues. I'm not one for rehashing the story line that can be read at the top of the page, I'd rather use a review to pass on my thoughts, so here they are. Redemption Blues cannot be categorised as any particular genre, it's just a good story, well told. The main characters all genuinely develop through the course of the novel and the connection between them continually creates tension. Griggs writes with a pleasing straightforward style and avoids using prose that gets in the way of the story. Recommended to anyone who enjoys a captivating story written in a style meant for readers.
review 2: REDEMPTION BLUES is the story of a rock star who falls from grace in spectacular fashion, along with the effect of that fall on his family and
... moreon the police officer charged with tidying up the case. It's skilfully and convincingly written and kept me awake and reading into the small hours - no mean feat. (NOTE: I believe there was an earlier edition of this book some years ago. The one reviewed here is the latest, ebook edition, which has some revisions.) less
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Slow in places. Not the ending I wanted but all in all a good read.
Good crime drama although unnecessary love story as well
Engrossing but not challenging
well written page turner :)
Great read
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