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The Child Inside (2012)

by Suzanne Bugler(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
0330510916 (ISBN13: 9780330510912)
Pan Publishing
review 1: I give high praise to Suzanne Bugler because this is simply another great book from Suzanne Bugler. Suzanne is one my favourite authors. It does not matter what book suzanne writes, I totally love them all. I have read them all and I do not have favourite. I can not wait for Suzanne Bugler to publish another book. Be sure I will be reading it. Doaes any one know what Suzanne Bugler 4th book is? or when it will be published?. For any one who does not know what to buy some one as a present Suzanne Bugler's books are simply an excellent choice for a present. many of my reviews are on ireadnovels.wordpress com
review 2: I read this in two days - absolutely riveting. The narrator isn't a sympathetic character but the more one reads, the more one finds out why. The
... more child in this is revolting, but again, it comes to light quite why he's been allowed to grow up to be like this. Noen of them are nice people, nobody is well-behaved, nothing good happens - and yet it's unputdownable. I was horrified to realise I'd finished it so quickly and so happy to find she has another, by all accounts, better book for me to read. less
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Quite the page turner, had me gripped from the start! Highly recommend.
Quite harrowing but I kept reading and read rather quick for me
Dark but compelling book, uncomfortable reading at times.
Another great read by this author; she never disappoints.
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