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Naamah And The Ark At Night (2011)

by Susan Campbell Bartoletti(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
0763642428 (ISBN13: 9780763642426)
review 1: What was like like on the Ark? Before and when children ask that question, this is one of the books to reach for, an accomplished poem (a ghazzal) and lullaby, with warm and delightful illustrations._ Naamah and the Ark At Night_ also opens to a discussion of faithful risk, of being afraid as we live faithfully, and one way we may answer those fears and stay steadfast in love. So simple and so beautiful, I'd also see bringing this poem into worship and workshop alike. As with Linda Sue Park & Bagram Iabtoulline's _The Third Gift_, this is an imaginative and faithful wondering and answer based on a Biblical text.
review 2: I picked this book up after finding it on my local library's booklist for children. I had never seen it before and since I've started a list
... more of Biblical picture books, this one was a great (though different from your regular Bible story). Naamah (pronounced Na-ah-mah or Nay-ah-mah) is Noah's wife and in the book she sings the entire ark to sleep, using a ghazal, which is a form of Arabic poetry dating back to the seventh century. In the author's note, Bartoletti says "I hope that this lullaby inspires readers to trust in the darkness, as Naamah did." Like I have said before in other reviews, I normally don't like collage, but I think Holly Meade did a fantastic job with these illustrations, especially the black/white/grey ones. Even my son liked the illustrations. Recommended for ages 1-5, 4 stars. less
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Noah's wife sings to all on the ark every evening. Lovely lullaby.
Love the watercolor collage illustrations.
beautiful, both in word and in picture.
Beautiful illustrations
ALSC Notable Book 2012
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