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The Promise Of An Angel (2011)

by Ruth Reid(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 5
1595547886 (ISBN13: 9781595547880)
Thomas Nelson
Heaven On Earth
review 1: I have to admit, I'm tired of Amish fiction. Quit reading it years ago. But I recently had the opportunity to read this one while taking care of an ailing mother and was blessed with a pleasant surprise. This one was different. When Judith's brother Samuel falls from the barn roof, she rushes to his side, only to find someone already there. That someone turns out to be Tobias, an angel, a messenger from God with a message for her. Problem is, when she shares that message with others, she becomes a sniff away from getting shunned. Only Andrew stands by her side, and his father is the Bishop. Feeling the heat of his father and spiritual leader's ardent disapproval, how long can Andrew continue to support Judith without being shunned himself?Ruth Reid's characterization is st... moreunning. You got each character's number from page one through their expertly illustrated behavior. The realistic personalities and obvious conflicts they presented hooked me immediately.The tension remained at a high level throughout the book as Reid tossed more doubts, obstacles, and fears at our hero and heroine. Behind all the new problems they face, the question from Chapter One remains, "Will the angel's promise be fulfilled in the way we hope?"
review 2: ‘The Promise of an Angel’ is the breakout novel in the Heaven on Earthseries by new Author, Ruth Reid. I really enjoyed the book and it wasunique in that it combines two genres, Amish Fiction and Angel Tales,into one book. Unlike the second book, which I really enjoyed, youcan really tell that this book was written by a relatively new author.There were small issues with the book, redundant words and sentencesthat just didn't read well. The author still shows promise and I willbe reading more of her stories in the future.In this book we meet Judith Fisher and her friends, family andcommunity. When Judith's younger brother is hurt in an accident,everyone blames Judith as she was watching him at the time.Furthermore, they think she's lost her mind when she insists that anangel assisted her brother on the day of the accident. The entirecommunity scorns and mocks her, including the boy she loves. She doeshowever find a friend in the Bishop's son, Andrew. Andrew, as we findout, is dealing with his own private pain and definitely needs thelove and protection of an angel. I won't ruin the ending for thosethat haven't yet read it, even though it was a bit predictable. Thebook was still enjoyable and I think the author shows promise which isevident in the improvements in the flow of the second story, ‘Brush of Angel's Wings’. Definitely a writer to keep our eyes on. I think she'll do well and will delight us with many unique Angel and Amish tales in the future! less
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This was an extremly good book. You have to believe you have to have faith
Wow. This is good. I love the characters. Highly recommended.
A light, easy read, with a good message.
Great inspirational story!
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