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The King's Bastard (2010)

by Rowena Cory Daniells(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 3
1907519017 (ISBN13: 9781907519017)
King Rolen's Kin
review 1: This is a classic example of what happens when you supply a book with nothing but action. The pace was frantic and exciting, but rather than build the tension into a dramatic crescendo, it just ran on and on in a hurried crazy train of one action sequence after another.I liked the characters, but because the author focused so much on having them doing things and not giving them time to absorb what was happening, I felt as though I barely got to know them. The setting with all its snow and mountainous regions really fit together well. The plot was okay, if a little too reactionary.All in all, good but with a few real flaws that need stitched up. I'm not giving up on the series but I can only hope for more development in the next title.
review 2: Is it me or
... moredoes this book just feel like a really flat young adults book (of which I have no problem YA books) that is desperate to become the next King Of Thorns/Game of Thrones.I wont leave a long review as I couldn't actually finish the novel.The characters are simply just two dimensional. We never get told why they do things, just that they do them - its hard to invest in their troubles or cares. Maybe it gets better in the second half but from what I read i don't think I will ever care enough to dare waste any of my time in finding out. less
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There was hardly an original facet of this book. Wait......nope, nothing original at all.
Nothing goes right for these poor people, but that keeps it interesting.
Now I just need the fourth one to come out.
This gets off to a very good start
Reads like bad fanfic.
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