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Dweller On The Threshold (2013)

by Rinda Elliott(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 2
1619214261 (ISBN13: 9781619214262)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Beri O'Dell
review 1: Orphaned at birth, Bergdis O’Dell was rejected time and time again by a multitude of foster families who were all too scared of her to keep her because of her strange gifts and freaky hair. Now she is desperate to save Elsa, the only foster sister to ever love her back, unconditionally. To accomplish that, she must solve the mystery behind the mass comas that have befallen a number of people, including her sister Elsa, and find answers to questions about just who, and possibly what, she really is. With little to go on, she must rely on Blythe, a perky earth witch who’s a menace around fire but who is far more talented than she appears to be at first glance, her spirit guides - Fred and Phro - one of whom claims to be the goddess of love, a very vain, very self-assure... mored necromancer and a immortal Minoan Warrior, Nikolos, who has quite a few secrets he's keeping.Beri is a fairly typical heroine. She is strong, but due to her childhood and Amazonian height and abilities she also has insecurities. And if the person on the cover is supposed to represent Beri accurately, I can see why. She looks like an androgynous lady-dude to me :-/ (I guess it’s no secret that I dislike the rather trashy cover, huh?)Nikolos is by far the most interesting character in the story. He’s been hunting the Dweller since its first appearance on the island of Aeginia (Crete) millennia ago. He’s been able to stop it before, but the entity has reincarnated time and time again, and grows more powerful with each new incarnation. Unable to die, Nikolos also carries around a dark aura consisting of trapped souls, a massive guilt because of his past actions and inability to serve his goddess Ariadne, and the loss of his mortal family. Despite his threatening aura, Beri senses good in him and feels drawn to him almost against their will. Their relationship evolves to one of mutual attraction that’s both sizzling, hot and sensual, but is he really the man she thinks, and can he be trusted?Dweller on the Threshold is good solid writing and is well edited, but it just didn’t manage to hold my interest. I’m not really able to explain why. Might be personal preference, the crossdresser on the cover or the teeny tiny font of this book. In the end, reading it felt like a chore, and ultimately I didn’t really care how this book ended. That being said: The last few chapters were the most interesting parts of the story. Even though it had a “to be continued” ending, I’m DIScontinuing this series.
review 2: I found this novel to be delightfully different and particularly enjoyed the mixing of serial killer, demon and Greek mythos this author brought to the table. It made for a refreshing change to urban fantasy. It was very fast paced and witty and kept the reader wondering what could possibly pop out of the closet next. I enjoyed the wonderfully quirky characters, particularly Beri's guide Phro. I am looking forward to the next installment. less
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DNF at 50%. This started strong, then the plot became muddled and I lost interest.
Very solid first book in a series! Looking foward to next book!!!
26% in and not going to finish, I just can't get into it.
Mar 5th 2013
3.5 stars
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