War Dogs

Due to some issues with conflicts of interest, most military purchase contracts have become available publicly to be bid on by anyone. Now, many of these are multi-hundred-million or even multi-billion dollar contracts, so regardless of being available publicly, they still end up going to the big dogs. However, a number of these contracts are much smaller, the ‘crumbs’ so to speak. And when dealing with something as big as war, these crumbs are worth a lot. Hence come in the ‘War Dogs’, fighting over taking the smaller contracts that the big players don’t think are worth the effort, and managing the logistics in order to deliver. Such is the story of  Efraim Diveroli’s company AEY, run by him and his old best friend David Packouz. This mainly involves simply making calls and filling out paperwork from their office in Miami, however, as should be expected of something so close to war, that things can get much hairier, driving through the middle of Iraq with Al-Qaeda on their trail hairier.


There are a number of films coming out of Hollywood recently, many that portray the good in America, and many that portray its dark underbelly. This definitely leans more towards the dark underbelly. This was something that I genuinely knew nothing about prior to this film so it was quite interesting to watch it and then look into it a lot more. Still, I think I got a very different feeling out of this movie, in that despite it being a crazy mess, it all still seemed pretty awesome from the way the main duo portrayed their characters. Now, I certainly see that the goal was to show various issues in the system, and how these were presented was decent, and I certainly see the major character flaws in the main characters, but I feel like I still have respect for these guys in a ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’ sort of way, so I suppose it didn’t completely achieve its objectives. The most memorable moment to me in the film is when they were on the run in the triangle of death and seemed doom when a US Military copter saves them, which despite everything still felt really badass for lack of a better word. So on that note, I feel the messaging was very muddled, with the second half considerably more than the first, but all in all, it was an intense ride that was quite interesting to behold.

A movie that doesn’t have a point, but still manages to be pretty exciting and cool.


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