The Mermaid-15

She became aware of another sound entwined with the intermittent crash of waves: a vast horizontal whisper across the bossom of the sea.”― Paul Bowles, Up Above the World

Sea and Shore Chapter 15

Dàng Shi awoke to a hum in her head. Her surroundings confused her. She looked at the sheet, then the shirt. Her hands patted the mattress as she looked out the window to the mountains. “It wasn’t a dream; I’m in his boat. He has taken me to his bed. She reached down below and felt the cotton boxers. What does this mean? Dàng Shi lifted the shirt to her nose and took in Hyperion’s scent. The smell of him on the clothes and in the bed made her light-headed. She liked this new sensation. It made her feel special to dress in Hyperion’s clothes. She felt it was a sign he accepted her.

Their interaction and Hyperion’s attention to her was intoxicating. He showed his attraction in gentle ways. She saw how he moved like a predator and was fierce without hesitation and yet he cared for her as if she were his mate. Dàng Shi wanted him because he was like her.

The sound of running water reminded her how thirsty and dry she was. Dàng Shi removed the clothes and put them on the bed. At the door to the shower, she saw the warm mist and heard Hyperion inside. “So this is how they keep their skin from drying out,” she thought.

Water cascaded off Hyperion’s head and back as Dàng Shi stepped in. She leaned against him to wet her skin and drink the water spraying down on her face. Hyperion tried to talk to her, but Dàng Shi had no idea what he was saying with such urgency. She attempted to show him she was thirsty.

Hyperion cupped his hands and let them fill with water and offered to give her a drink. Dàng Shi held his hands in hers and drank until she wanted no more. She thrilled at the soft feel of the hair on his wrist and ran her fingers over his arms. Dàng Shi pressed herself against Hyperion’s chest to push him back. The warm water spilled over her parched skin like summer rain. Dàng Shi felt a shy pleasure in the affection and admiration Hyperion showed in his eyes and with his hands covering the small of her back.

A fragrant smell similar to citrus, tree bark, and wet sand filled the shower when Hyperion held her hand and squeezed out some liquid from a bottle. She had no concept of shower gel and brought it to her nose and mouth to taste it. Hyperion stopped her with a laugh and rubbed her hands together with his own. Dàng Shi marveled at the sudsy froth that formed like the delicate seafoam that rode the emerald waves to shore.  He covered her body with the silky feel of the soap. His hands drifted over her and lingered here and there in a circular motion.

She took some of the soap and scrubbed Hyperion’s chest working her way down and taking her time to explore the details of his enticing body. Dàng Shi turned her back to him and he circled her with his arms. “You have already washed the front. Do the back,” Dàng Shi scolded Hyperion, then laughed at his puzzled look.

She noticed surface men became aroused in the water just like the mermen. Dàng Shi looked up at him pleased with her obvious effect on Hyperion. “Mr. Happy meet Dàng Shi,” he said when she reached down to touch him. “I don’t know how I can fit this thing inside me.” Mr. Happy captivated her. Mermen were long, narrow, and pointed to make it quick and easy in the rolling surf or undulating seagrass. “But this, how will I manage this thing?”

Dàng Shi’s curiosity grew as she kneeled to register his scent. Her long incisors scissored together to hold him in her mouth. She liked the taste and feel of it on her tongue. She looked up and saw Hyperion’s eyes closed and his fingers tightened in the hair at the back of her head. “Just like a merman,” she giggled.

Dàng Shi felt many desires as she continued her exploration. Legends of the surface men in her family drifted in her mind. Generations of Sirens in the past mated with surface men.  Every generation became more like the surface people. A few like she, Meera, and Kit could live on the land. But, this blending of worlds was the thing that separated them from the others and disowned them from their people.

Perhaps it was the surface man’s fragileness in the water and their fierceness on land that drew her to Hyperion. It was a balance between both worlds that worked for her. He could protect her on the island, and she would defend him in the ocean.  He had twice saved her already. First, from the man that tried to shoot her in the water and then from the sharks when she struggled to get out of the water exhausted and knocked senseless.

Dàng Shi enjoyed how Hyperion responded to her. She felt his desire for her from soft whispers against her ears, in his focused eyes as he studied her every move, and how his heart beat against her chest as she felt his body against her. His hands cupped her buttocks and sent little quivers down the inside of her legs as he held her tight against him.

Pleasure, curiosity, and the nature of all creatures urged her to Hyperion’s arms. She wanted to tell him about how she felt. Only their bodies understood the language of the senses. Dàng Shi’s stomach tickled, and she struggled to catch her breath on jellyfish legs. “I need to go to the nest again,” she whispered.

Dàng Shi left the shower, her hips swaying and dripping water on the floor creating a wet trail to the bed. Hyperion caught up with her and toweled her dry. “Ah, this is softer than my sponge,” she cooed. Dàng Shi felt dreamy and liquid. His eyes were always on her, and his hands gave her sensations of warm surf on her skin.

Dàng Shi felt happy with her choice. Her dark mood had lifted, and she couldn’t wait to reunite with Meera and Kit. First, Dàng Shi needed to bond Hyperion with her so he wouldn’t wander away. Then, she could tell Meera her Derek had come for her. They would all be a happy pod together. She sang her siren song to Hyperion and daydreamed as hands, and soft cotton played across the sensual curves of her body.

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