Silver Girl 4 (Pages 238 – 303)


The night that Connie spends with Dan, something terrible happens. Meredith hears some thumping noises, but she is too scared to check. The following morning when she wakes up, she can see a black shape  on the porch, but Meredith is still apprehensive. Since I knew that Toby was coming, I thought the noises and the shape were Toby or something belonging to Toby. What I didn’t expect is that when she opens the door, she finds the seal Harold with its neck slashed. Meredith had thought that those attacks had finished, but it seems that they haven’t. So who is behind this horrible campaign? Is it the woman who used to be her friend? I doubt it. A random stranger?

Then Toby arrives, and Meredith is not happy. She becomes stilted and cold towards Connie and Toby. We know that something happened between them when she attended the funeral of Toby and Connie’s mother. I am curious to know what. I think her mood must come from what happened then, because I can’t believe that she can still hold a grudge for their break-up thirty years ago.

We know that Toby’s life has been quite irregular. He has married and divorced twice, as he is unable to be a supportive husband. He has a son, Michael, who he barely sees as he lives with his mother and stepfather. Toby was an alcoholic, which contributed to the way of life he has led for years, but now he has been sober for two years. Despite what happened when he was young, I like him. Meredith should have realised long ago that in a way Toby was right; they were very young and needed to live their own experiences. Yet, Meredith was too attached to him, and I think this shaped the rest of her life. If the break-up with Toby hadn’t been so traumatic for Meredith, she would probably not have ended up with Freddy, or at least, their relationship had been different.

We also learn that the reason why Connie and Meredith fell out three years ago was Freddy’s Ponzy scheme as well. Wolf had invested in Freddy’s scheme, but when his accountant raised some doubts about the provenance of the returns, he wanted out. Freddy wasn’t happy, and he influenced his wife to talk Connie out of it, and when they talked, Connie couldn’t help but admit that they thought that Freddy’s ways were not legal, which turned out to be right. After that conversation, Meredith didn’t talk to Connie for three years – she didn’t even go to Wolf’s funeral – until she needed her this summer.

I have to say that I love the relationship between Connie and Dan. They are so lovely together. Connie still feels guilty as if she were betraying Wolf, but at least, she is learning to find some happiness with this new man, who knows what she has gone through.

I also hope that Toby and Meredith sort out their differences, and maybe now they can have a new chance at love. Now they have matured and have had experiences that might have equipped them with the tools for a new relationship.

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