Once a Week on a Tuesday


Once A Week on a Tuesday

Lavenia Stokes- Wraith of Reapers Series


Once a week on a Tuesday

I walk with the Shadow of Death

He summons me down from the skies above

From the quiet place where I’ve slept


Once a week on a Tuesday

The book says its time to collect

The sands run dry

An eye for an eye

Until only the ashes are left


Once a week on a Tuesday

Joy is a fleeting thought

My scythe comes down

With silence abound

From all of the battles we’ve fought


Once a week on a Tuesday

My duty is done as a guest

The Void it summons me back to its side

I’ve felt its cold hand as it crept


Once a week on a Tuesday

Death walks with me to the east

The sandman com’eth forth for me

For now it is time to sleep


Once a week on a Tuesday

No task is left for this beast

My bidding is done

And so sets the sun

And again I can rest in peace.


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