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I discovered Tommy Page in the late eighties and at that time I splurged on cassette tapes.  My barometer of buying cassette tapes was either based on familiarity, popularity, and of course the attractiveness of the cover or the performer.  It was on the latter part that I took a gamble with Tommy Page and I bought his first because he looked like a GQ model on the cover.  I instantly like my purchase because I love his “A Zillion KIsses,” “Making My Move,” “A Shoulder To Cry On,” and “Turning Me On.”  Of course, all the songs in his first album were bubblegum pop and listening to it was like a guilty pleasure.

Thus, when his second album was released, I waited for it in my favorite record bar in Zamboanga City.  My anticipation started when I watched the first video of the lead single “I’ll Be Your Everything” and there was him and that New Kids On The Block Kid.  He looked even better on the album cover of his second album compared with that of his first album.

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It was quite sad to know that he is dead at 46 years old. As of this writing, there are only mere speculations as to the cause of his death.  So, here are my favorite Tommy Page songs.

  •  Whenever You Close Your Eyes – it was a typical 90’s ballad but what made this song quite adorable because of Michael Bolton singing back-up in this record.  Watch the official music video in here
  • 2.  I’ll Be Your Everything – many would asked why this song is not on top of my list.  Well, there was nothing great on this song except his good looks but I kinda liked the idea then of him working with the famous boy band at that time. Watch the official music video on this link

    3.  Wouldn’t It Be Good – a cover version of Nick Kershaw most popular song.  His version was very satisfactory as it did not depart from the original version and he made it so 90’s.  Listen to this song on this link

    4.  You Are My Heaven – many pop stars’ discography would not be complete if they don;t have a Dianne Warren collaboration.  The song is so 90’s and it made on my list as it was the vocal harmony that he made with Madonna’s back vocalist Donna de Lory. Click on this link to listen to this song

    5.  Only In My Imagination – this song just confirmed what I suspected during electronica days in the 90’s that Tommy Page voice would complement well in this musical genre.  The mashing up with Duran Duran’s “Save A Prayer” worked so well.

    6.  Don’t Give Up On Love – his duet with Safire was one of the most underrated pop songs of all time.  Listen on this link


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