Midnight at the Electric {Book Review-Spoiler Free}

I sit here with red swollen eyes after reading this unusual masterpiece of YA fiction. Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson is partly futuristic sci-fi and historical fiction. It follow three generations of women.

Adri, a loner, scientist, teenager who has no social skills and wants to go to Mars. Cathy, a teenage farm girl dealing with the awful dustbowl in Kansas and Lenore, an English girl who is going through a terrible time in her life.  Midnight at the Electric is the story that ties these three exceptional, so emotionally packed stories together. It is how their family shifted through the years and love they all shared for  Galapagos.

I originally thought this story was going to be similar to the night circus but pleasantly it wasn’t. BTW I LOVE THE NIGHT CIRCUS! This book is simply its own beast, in a league of its own. None of the stories were my favorite, I loved them all equally and the sheer world building and character storylines had me immediately. I do warn those sci-fi lovers it is much more on the historical end which ended up not disappointing me. I truly felt for all of the characters, I cried UGLY!! TEARS!! so many times I lost count. It grabbed my soul and wrapped itself around it, in a good way.  Its a book about love, inner strength, discovering yourself and those you come from, and that not all family has to be blood or the same species.  I highly recommend this short novel. I read it in a day, to anyone that loves books that have true meaning locked within them.  5 out of 5 stars for sure!! I will treasure these stories always. Along with Adri, Lilly, Sofia, Cathy, Breezie, Ellias, Beth, Lenore, Jack, Sheepie, and of course Galapagos.

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