Last Day on Earth: Survival…..Raid Result #3 & Finally discovered what’s inside the Column.

I got tricked

Hi ladies,

Silent Pines here. I’m going to tell you a story. The story is about a lonely man in a barren wasteland surrounded by zombies in all areas. Forest, zombies. Mining Sites, zombies. Bunker Alfa, zombies. Winter Disneyland, zombies. Tanuki Forest, zombies. Bathroom, ………. maybe zombies.

So you ask me “what’s so special about this one person alone in the wasteland filled with zombies?” I answer, “Well, the lonely man had a dream. The dream started in v.1.5 when he was saw 2 stone columns that could not be broken down. His dream was that one day he will use a C4 and explode those wonderful walls and see what’s inside them. He was so curious about it that when finally C4 was added to the game, he traveled to the lonely base camp carrying only a C4 and nothing else.”

So you say, “So what did he find in the stone columns?”

I answer, “What did he find? Well, that is somewhat difficult to answer.”

You ask, “Why is it difficult to answer? Did he find a dead body, loot, or some sort of secret item?”

I answer, “No. The man didn’t find any of those things you mentioned. To be straight with you, he didn’t find anything at all.”

So you ask me, “Okay… If he didn’t find anything, then why is it so difficult to answer my question of what did he find?”

I answer, “Well, the difficult part isn’t saying he found nothing. That’s actually the easy part. The difficult part is he finally found the answer he’s been wondering for many moons. Everytime there was an update, he was hoping that the C4 would be added. But as updates came and went, they were never added. Slowly and steadily, the thought of knowing what’s inside those columns continued to plague him. It has plagued him for many moons. The only thing he thought about with each update was C4 and what was inside those special columns. The thought kept eating at him. It resulted in him looking for answers in the zombie filled areas such as the forest, ore sites, and bunker alfa.”

So you say, “But why did it plague him so much? It’s just a stone column, right? He could have done other stuff instead of wondering about what’s inside it.”

I answer, “You’re right. He could have. He could have grinded for resources. Wrote on his journal. Look for weapons and such. Strangely enough, he did all the stuff you mentioned. However, the thought of knowing what’s inside those columns never left him. Everytime he was done with his task such as clearing the forest and collecting timber, clearing the ore sites and colleting ores, and clearing the bunker alfa and collecting food/weapon tickets. He would allows go back to remembering when he raided that one base with those stone columns.”

So you answer, “Oh….. He must have really wanted to know what’s inside.”

I answer, “Yup. He really did. So finally when they added C4. the lonely man in the zombie infected world was able to discover his answer. He went far and wide to search for those food/weapon tickets inside bunker alfa. When he collected enough, he opened up those “loot” crates he so tremendously hates. And inside that loot crate, he found what he was looking for. A C4.

After collecting it, he went back to that base and blew up the column. When he saw what was inside, the tremendous anxiety he had for many moons has finally left him. Even though he discovered no loot, just being able to see the inside of the column caused his weary heart to be relieved and allowed this lonely man to move on.”

The End.

HAHAHA. I thought I should try to add a short story with the whole column thing since it didn’t seem to exciting to just saw that there was nothing inside. Just wanted to try something new since I thought it was getting kind of stale just writing about the game without any sort of “finesse.” (Not sure what exact word I should use… Hmmmmmm.)

Well, that was the end of that.

Moving on.

So, raid #3 went well this time. It turns out there a little trick to all this. Do you know what it is? Well, the answer to that is….. (Drum Roll)


So, to begin with……. I attacked this poor “[email protected]@rd”

It was still a new player so I felt bad and left most of his good items still there. (I think he’s going to hate me for taking all his leather though)

I went back to my base and started to distribute the loot.

Outcome of that distribution? I got “loved”


So, that is the order of what the raider will say as you distribute the items. So be generous since it will benefit you the most and you won’t end up like me having to distribute unfairly to see what will happen just so I can write in my wonderful blog.

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