It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


Time for another session of It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

I didn’t have much reading time as I wanted to over the weekend. Yes, I did go camping with the family, I did get some pages in here and there (it didn’t feel like I got much reading but I was surprised to go through a good chunk of it). Yet it was nice just to sit under the trees and breeze and just relax and do nothing. Sometimes it’s good just to do that.

However I digress! let’s get back on track and read our hearts out! (click on picture will take you to their Goodreads page)


I swear I. WILL. FINISH. THIS. I WILL! YOU CANNOT STOP ME LIFE!!! I took this one on my camping trip with me so I went through a good chunk of it. I’m down to the last 40 pages. I will get there. I will do this! so far everything is now coming to an end and all the loose strings are being put together. And Wow. Just Wow. I can’t wait to do my review on this one when I am finished.







I’m a third into this book. So far so good. There’s an element of mystery in it which keeps me intrigued but I can’t help but love the innocent chemistry between Rosie and Peter and although it’s very small and nothing overwhelming has happened yet it’s slowly starting to grow and I love it!










Love the cover of this one and can’t wait to start it. It’s been calling out to me and I haven’t gotten around to it. It’s about time I get started on some YA.









Had this on my wishlist for a while now. The summary of it sounds interesting and this will be read following The Monster’s Daughter. I’m on a real good thriller kick and as long as this one is going to be good too then I’ll continue. Haven’t started this one either but I’ll get on it too.




So those are my books for the week! what are yours?

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