Hollywood Rapegate| DID Russell Simmons rapes someone in 1991?

Over the weekend Hip Hop icon Russell Simmons has been accused of raping a young model from Nebraska while his movie director friend, Brett Ratner watched.

Russell denies the accusations…

Keri Claussen Khalighi, the model who made the allegations told the LA Times she was raped by Russell Simmons at his apartment in 1991 when she was only  17.

Keri made claims that Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner took her out for dinner then invited her back to Russell’s New York apartment to see a video Russell and Brett were working on at the time.

Keri states that after they got to the apartment Russell started aggressively begging and pandering for sex and when she kept denying, he began ripping off her clothes. Then she looked over to Brett Ratner for help, she realized they were both in on it together.

After fighting him off Keri says Russell eventually gave up on the sex but coerced her into giving him head while Brett Ratner watched.

Later when she went to take a shower Russell came in and briefly penetrated her against her will.

Russell denied the reports via Instagram.


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