Gotenks for Dragon Ball: FighterZ

Now I’m coming at y’all with a moveset for the Grim Reaper of Justice.


Power: SS  Speed: B  Reach: C  Technique: A  Energy: S

Ease of Use: A


His attacks are average speed and have little reach due to his size but they’re among the most damaging in the game. He can also jump twice in the air and do rapid fire punches for a certain amount of time by mashing the Light attack button.


Signature Move (S Button)(1)

Puffing up his cheeks, Gotenks summons a ghost from within himself that swarm around him and explode upon contact with an opponent (though be careful as the explosion can do damage to Gotenks himself). Gotenks can summon up to 6 of these ghosts.


Special Moves

Rolling Thunder Punch (QCF + L/M/H) – Gotenks winds up his arm to deliver a devastating punch that sends the opponent flying if it lands. The startup is somewhat slow and it has mid-range at best but Gotenks has armer priority against most physical attacks during the punch.

Ballet Kicks (QCB + L/M/H) – Gotenks spins around at very high speed like ballerina as he moves forward with several powerful kicks. This move has a rather long-range.

Kamikaze Ghost Attack (QCF + S) – Gotenks seizes the exploding ghosts at the opponent (in a scattered way). Do during (1).


Galactic Donut (QCB + SQCB + S (after)) – Gotenks creates a yellow ring of ki using his index finger above his head then launches said ki ring above the opponent. This can be followed up by descending the ki ring to trap the opponent in a powerful grip for a long period of time so their best bet is to either get out of the way or stall for the ring to eventually fade away.


Super Moves

Victory Cannon (QCF + L+M or H+S) – Gotenks unleashes a powerful mouth blast which has a wide radius.


Die Die Missile Barrage (In Air Only) (QCF + L+M or H+S) – Gotenks does rapid fire ki blasts downward that are more powerful than average.


Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball (QCB + L+M or H+S) *Uses 3 Ki Gauges* – Gotenks prepares to launch multiple ki rings straight at the opponent which shapes them into a large ball of contained ki and he starts serving them up like a volleyball for an epic climax. This move is mid-ranged at best but is unblockable and it’s even more damaging if Piccolo is a tag team partner which uses 2 more gauges.

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