Dangerous Behavior by Nancy Bush

Dangerous Behavior by Nancy Bush

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Fans of classic mysteries will love the latest by Nancy Bush (one of my favorites!) which isn’t necessarily action-packed, but will put readers’ detective skills to the test in pursuit of some “thrill killers” and their puppeteer.

The book centers on the murder of Joe Ford, whose estranged brother, ex-police officer Sam Ford, was summoned to his house the day his boat catches fire, killing him and leaving his wife Julia badly injured. Sam and Julia were once a hot item and the brothers fell out over the marriage, but despite their differences, Sam is determined to catch his brother’s killer. The case quickly centers around recent business dealings of Joe’s and other financial bigwigs in the area. In a small town, everyone knows everyone’s business, and everyone’s connected. Untangling everything is a big task.

This is definitely one of those cases where it seems so straightforward but soon small twists take the story in other directions. It’s interesting to see how it slowly unravels. And there are a ton of suspects so readers will remain guessing until the end – at least I did.

And there’s a great little twist at the end. Loved it.

The thrill killer seems provide some action but mostly the novel follow Sam and Julia as she tries to remember that day and Sam tries to make sense of his brothers final days – a rough task since they were estranged. I didn’t mind this because it allowed me to focus on the mystery in the story rather than all of the action and movement.

Like I said, it really is a classic mystery-type story.

I don’t know if Bush will go back to this town or these characters in the future for more, but I would definitely read more about them. And there’s plenty of interesting stories in there somewhere, with all the characters that she introduces.

Another winner here, folks.

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