Book Review: The Wander Society

Title:  The Wander Society

Author: Keri Smith

Publisher: Penguin Books

Hello all.  I’ve got another book review for you.  If you’re a bit of a fan of Keri Smith’s books like I am then, you’re in for a treat.


Synopsis (from the back of the book):

By purchasing this book you are electing to join a secret underground d movement.

Membership will required you to conduct research on your immediate environment and complete a variety of assignments designed to creatively disrupt everyday life.  If you are interested, please proceed to the checkout.  All else will be revealed in time.

(Note: If you need to know more before you commit, please turn to the first page and complete the questionnaire.)


Onto the review:

By curiosity alone, I discovered this book only after a video I watched and a series of sites I went to, which gave me the feeling of being on a treasure hunt.  It was mysterious and also exhilarating.  My brother believed I was entering a cult, but rest assured this is nothing like that.

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