10/07/2017 – Pride in London 2017

A couple of days ago I attended my third Pride event (the first two being Bournemouth and Reading last year) but this one was extra special because it was in London! I had been meaning to go to London Pride for the last four or five years, but there was always something else going on on the same day. This was definitely worth it after all this time!

Unfortunately I didn’t attend the parade, because there were performers on that I really wanted to see, which happened at the same time. But I did manage to get a few pictures before watching the performances in Trafalgar Square, and everyone I saw looked amazing!

(NOTE: If anyone featured in these pictures is uncomfortable with their pictures being posted online, please let me know and I will remove them)

There were many great performances at Pride. I managed to snab a spot at the front so I could get decent photos, just as well as by around 3:30-4pm the place was jam-packed! Probably the highlight of the event was a video of Theresa May giving a speech and everyone booing her, with some chanting/singing “Vote Jeremy Corbyn”. Thankfully there were more positive speakers on stage, including Gok Wan (who I managed to get a good picture of before he went on stage!) and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

There were also some really amazing peformances from Pride’s Got Talent finalists from the last few years, including soloist Jordan Bradley and band The Tailormade.

But the best part of the day was Saara Aalto (for those of you who have been living under a rock, she is a Finnish singer who placed second on last year’s X Factor). This was actually my second time seeing her live, and she didn’t disappoint. This time she had brought some backing dancers with her.

There were other acts I would have liked to have seen, such as Fleur East (X Factor 2016 runner up) and Amber Riley and the Dreamgirls cast, but it was now past 5pm and I had to catch a coach home at a certain time. All in all though, it was a great time and I am definitely planning on returning next year!

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