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The Behaviour Of Moths (2008)

by Poppy Adams(Favorite Author)
3.15 of 5 Votes: 2
1844084884 (ISBN13: 9781844084883)
Virago Press (UK)
review 1: I think a lot of readers who've written poor reviews of this might not have liked the perspective of an unreliable narrator. But that's the whole joy of a novel like this: to have history told from one perspective and then to have to try to filter out the truth for yourself.There's the layer of a family obsessed with moths and living in a big old house in the country. We Brits do this kind of fiction well. It's because this is how we are. Probably less so now, but my childhood and early twenties were full of families like this. On days like today - when my publicist sent me scrabbling in the Speed archives for a postcard my Grandmother sent me from Florida in 1969, I realised I'd become one of these people. Now, where's my bottle of poison...
review 2: I'm not
... morequite sure why so many people seem to dislike this book, going by the reviews I've seen here. Perhaps it was mis-marketed as some people seem to have expected it to be a gothic horror story. Perhaps people have very short attention spans or expected something with a little more action in it.I picked it up second hand with no preconceptions and enjoyed it for the most part. There are moments where I feel the decrepitude of the surroundings might be laid on a little thick. And I'm not sure I liked the ending - although it's correct for the story and it made me think back and reconsider my interpretation of earlier scenes, it was a little bit quick. It made me think a little of Julian Barnes' Sense Of An Ending actually. less
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This is a freaky, gothic story that is a great read.
Interesting read but left some questions unanswered.
Just couldn't finish this one.
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