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Une Douce Flamme (2010)

by Philip Kerr(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 5
2702434339 (ISBN13: 9782702434338)
Editions du Masque
Bernard Gunther
review 1: First Bernie Gunther novel I've read - loved the historical context and fictionalised reality. Difficult subject matter handled with confidence. Kerr has picked a remarkably interesting period of history - he explores how politicians and leaders gain influence, and why people choose to follow parties that might, with hindsight, seem deficient; the rise in popularity of Nazism, the political power of the Peron's. Easy and enjoyable.
review 2: Another beaut Bernie Gunther novel.This time he is in Argentina as an escape SS officer. A lot of interesting historical information on the Perons, their attempt to access the Nazi bank accounts and how they gave shelter to escaped Nazis.In the middle of the historical scenes, Gunther does his thing in investigating murders
... more and missing persons. He meets Eichmann and Mengele and other not very savoury characters.A lot of info and characters in this story. But Gunther lives to appear in more books. less
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Intricate detail, horrifying historical reminders, but with a sense of humour?
Great atmospheric and engaging read. A thinking mans book.
great story!!
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