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Strengstens Verboten - Willkommen Im Hotel Whippet (2012)

by Patrick Carman(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 4
3551520429 (ISBN13: 9783551520425)
Chicken House Verlag
review 1: My thought of the book Floors was that it kept me on edge. It was adventurous and suspenseful. The Book was about this kid named Leo that is the maintenance man for a hotel called the Whippet. Leo was best friends with the hotels manager and the manager disappeared one day and Leo didn't know where he went. Then, on the hundredth day he was missing he found a box that had a note in it that started the adventure of his life. He went to rooms that were dangerous, exciting, delicious, and scary. I really liked this book and hope you will like it too.
review 2: I listened to this book on a trip this summer. While the narrator could get a bit boring at times, he also had changes in his voice for different characters. I enjoyed the descriptions of the characters an
... mored the hotel. I want to visit the Whippet to see the cake room and the caves room.In this book, Leo works as a maintenance man with his father and they live is a sparse room in the basement of the Whippet. The hotel is owned by an eccentric man who has disappeared. Guests pay big money to stay in the hotel, but someone is trying to destroy it. Leo discovers a clue that encourages him to follow it to save the Whippet. Along the way, he makes a friend and has a blast. He also helps his dad get over a big loss.Great book that I would recommend to children in 3rd to 6th grades. less
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I thought this book was absolutely amazing! This story was very mysterious in so many ways
I thought it was a great book because it has a mysteries and a adventure on every floor
What a great recommendation from my nephew can hardly wait to read the next 2 books.
Fun, wacky story in a Willy Wonka kind of way.
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