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Guarding A Notorious Lady (2011)

by Olivia Parker(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 2
0061988405 (ISBN13: 9780061988400)
Devine & Friends
review 1: After the first two insightful and emotional books, the third one in the series is a massive disappointment. While in her previous books Parker went the extra mile to invest in conversations and character-building to explain the romance to us, this book is all about the heroine falling on top of the hero and the hero getting a hard-on as a result. Then the hero kisses the heroine, she responds like melting butter, then the hero sudddenly throws her off and says, "No this is improper/ this was a mistake/ this will never happen again/ you are my responsibility I must protect you" .... and then she falls on him again and history repeats itself.Apparently these two have been in love with each other their whole lives. No one bothers explaining how, or why, and to be honest the ... moreonly insight we get into their character can be summed up with a) They are both very attractiveb) They are both very hornyI must say, I really really really enjoyed Parker's previous books. Especially Gabriel and Madelyn's story, because of the way she combined both the meeting of the minds and a sexual attraction and created a beautiful love story. This story was just about two dogs in heat. Highly do not recommend, it removes the good memories of the older two books from your mind.
review 2: Boring. The hero Lord Winterbourne was not believable in his loving Rose Devine for years yet he treated her with indifference. he was weak. there was not much action in the story. the conclusion was rushed and roses brother the Earl was not told of the outcome. was he furious or not? No epilogue or marriage ceremony. I felt cheated after struggling to finish the book. I was really disappointed with this ending of the trilogy. less
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Love this! Lots of wonderful, romantic moments.
its good but very forgettable...
Kind of silly but very funny
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