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The Translator (2013)

by Nina Schuyler(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 4
1605984701 (ISBN13: 9781605984704)
Pegasus Books
review 1: This is a book for those who appreciate words and language…not for those who want action. This is also not a happy or upbeat book but, very full of meaning and trying to understand people and life. This beautifully written book feels like the many languages of Hanne Schubert come together. Hanne is a 53 year old translator and this novel opens with Hanne immersed in translating a well-known Japanese author’s work into English. You realize the many potential interpretations of the words, sentences, paragraphs.
review 2: Translator or not, any reader will find The Translator a compelling read. With the art and practice of literary translation as a rich backdrop, context and device, the book tells a complex and very human story of loss and redemption. An ac
... morecident leaves literary translator Hanne Schubert confused and vulnerable, a state amplified as the life she had so carefully constructed and lived comes undone. The narrative begins in San Francisco then whisks the reader to Japan and, finally, to India. Each place is skillfully rendered, the scents and sounds almost palpable. Schuyler is a writer’s writer. With the publication of The Translator, she also proves to be an accomplished translator’s writer. less
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I was unable to put this down. A captivating, beautiful story.
Not my favorite, hated the ending.
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