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The Ingredients Of Love (2010)

by Nicolas Barreau(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 2
1250006708 (ISBN13: 9781250006707)
St. Martin's Griffin
review 1: The story “The Ingredients of Love” by Nicholas Barreau is a Parisian romance novel set around a charming young woman called Aurélie. She owns a little restaurant named Les Temps des Cerises, which she inherited from her late father. After breaking up with her longterm boyfriend, Aurelie takes a long walk, contemplating her life choices. She stumbles upon a small bookshop, in which she finds a story that changes her life. The book follows a young Englishman who visits Paris on business, and is perplexed by French customs, behavior, and population. He wanders aimlessly around Paris for days, utterly confused by the culture around him, until he meets a spectacular, intelligent woman. They fall head over heels fast, and because of his deep love for her, he decides to ... morewelcome the French way of life. The book ends in Aurélie’s little restaurant, with a proposal and an acceptance. What strikes Aurélie is that the woman in the book, Sophie, is oddly similar to Aurélie herself. The physical characteristics described of Sophie are identical to Aurélie, and their emotional reactions are exact. She decides to write a letter to the author, Robert Miller, but discovers that there is an alternate trauma going on, in the writing world. A man named André is facing difficulty in the publishing business, but after Aurélie’s letter, he finds happiness. I personally thought that the characters were credible, mainly because Barreau sculpted their personality to be one that is very relatable to those today. Aurélie ran into quite a few bumps along her path, but my favorite was when she was unable to force her letter into the hands of Robert Miller. Aurélie was so desperate to give it to him, that she would be willing to go to extreme measures. I think my favorite character throughout the book was Aurélie’s best friend, Bernadette. She was portrayed as a woman who is strong and opinionated, but also seems very quirky. Bernadette was the character I could actually relate to the most. She seemed the most like friends I have and her personality is alike to the majority of people I know. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys something internationally exciting, as most of my version of the novel is in French, but also someone who likes a quiet, non-action filled book. I give it 3.5 stars, as it had a good plotline, but was a bit confusing at times.
review 2: Cuando una empieza un libro de Barreau hay tres cosas seguras (al menos me pasó en los dos que leí): 1.- Conoceremos a una chica de abrigo rojo; 2.- Pasearemos por París; y 3.- Nos enamoraremos sin remedio de un chico despistado, con pésimos hábitos de sueño y capaz de hacer cualquier cosa por la mujer que ama. Con eso, me conformo. No es LA obra literaria que cambiará mi vida... pero después de una lectura intensa, necesitaba esto: creer en el amor a primera vista, convencerme de que ambos sexos cuando se enamoran, sólo piensan en el objeto de su amor y recordar que existen los finales felices. No promete nada que no me haya dado. Este libro me hizo feliz. less
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I liked it. not my favourite but it showed me Paris:) Aurelie was weird. and I didn't like her.
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(Heb) cute book
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