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Me And The Devil (2012)

by Nick Tosches(Favorite Author)
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0316120979 (ISBN13: 9780316120975)
Little, Brown and Company
review 1: If fifty shades was written for men, by a man and about accepting alternative sexuality during an old man's three-quarter-life crisis...Actually, that comparison sells Me and the Devil short as this is a real book, by real author and verified badass Nick Tosches. I think it says a lot about this guy that instead of hanging out with other authors he kicks it with Johnny Depp and Keith Richards. His style is no nonsense, a bit curmudgeony, but excellent. This book is a year in the life of a fictional author, also named Nick. It is mostly about drinking, sex, and cooking. There is some supernatural mixed in, i.e. a conversation or two with the devil, but written in such a believable way it is almost boring compared to the conversations with Keith Richards. I found it a nice p... moreick-me-up during a boring February.
review 2: Absolutely awful. I tried to read Nick Tosches' "Trinities" and couldn't get into the prose, and I still hope to read his Dean Martin bio. (Maybe his style jibes better with non-fiction?) But I was excited for what was supposed to be a very dark and very erotic and personal journey into the mind of a fucked-up bastard letting it all hang out. I did not expect the utter aimlessness of the thing. I did not like the casual celebrity name-dropping in this roman a clef, and the watch-me-fuck-myself coyness of soliciting blurbs from those selfsame celebs on the book jacket (Johnny Depp and Keith Richards). I did not like the show-offy $2 vocabulary words dropped as if handkerchiefs at a debutante ball? (Oh, ooopsie, me! Is that my diapason? How positively exundant of me!) I was unimpressed by the freewheeling racism of the narrator. I did not appreciate the digressions about luxury goods and fine dining. I did not cotton to the protagonist's (named Nick Tosches, btw) tough-guy wannabe pose. He imagines himself Mike Hammer, and then inserts his false teeth. It's unintentionally funny. I did not enjoy, but neither was I surprised by the flatly imagined female supporting characters. And though I could go on, let's end it with my mystification at what is supposed to be a battle with alcoholism that reads more like a polite detente than a bitter struggle.I am guessing Tosches put much of his own life in this, and it is his baby. I'm sorry. His baby is horrid.If you think Tosches is the dark prince of letters, you are an adolescent boy. Calm down and go read some Flannery O'Connor or something. less
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Pandering. Verbose. I thought I was really going to like this......not so much.
Great book. I want to buy it so I can return to it again and again.
omg! This is my life.... I swear!
This book send me on a mind trip.
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