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Hidden Cities: My Journey Into The Secret World Of Urban Exploration (2013)

by Moses Gates(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 2
1585429341 (ISBN13: 9781585429349)
review 1: This started out strong and had some fun bits, but it sort of fell apart with all of the chest beating and burning man type shit. Sooo cool bro you wore some women's clothes, had sex on a bridge, and attended the most secret parties in sewers. The bragging and dick swinging got out of hand. There was even a bit where he called out someone else for too much bragging... then continued it himself. All of this took away from what could have been a neat book.
review 2: I had hoped this would be an interesting, alternative view of the cities in question, but the narrative was too often overcome by stories of the author's and the author's friends' sex lives and substance abuse habits. Some chapters started with the climax of the story, then went to flashbacks, which w
... moreas more disorienting than interesting. That said, there were some good passages, including a verb interesting and thought provoking on Fascism. less
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it's hard for me to find a book i can tolerate. This book is decent. i've enjoyed it.
Interesting at first, got to be lots of the same thing
so envious of this guy
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