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13 Hours: The Inside Account Of What Really Happened In Benghazi (2014)

by Mitchell Zuckoff(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I respect Zuckoff as an investigative journalist and have found his other books well written and informative and trust his information.This book is written from the perspective of the hired contractors that were to provide security for the Benghazi ambassador and staff. These guys make Jack Reacher look like a wimp, but to be fair, Jack doesn't have a lot of back up.My come away is the State Department was at fault and I have lost some respect for Hilary for not accepting that responsibility.I have been on the list to get alerts from the State Dept. for travel warnings for years and have for the most part blown them off. Travel to Afghanistan was not sanctioned by the State Dept. when I went. Now I want to know the process for these being issued. Is it someone is D.C. f... moreiltering through reports and looking at Google maps? Or is it someone in the area watching things going to hell in a hand basket?
review 2: This is an account of what some of the men went through during the attack on the United States Consulate and CIA Annex in Bengazi, Libya. I think the author did a masterful job retelling the story from the perspective of several former military men working for the CIA’s Global Response Staff (GRS) and yet supplemented them with other sources of information in order to clear up some of the “fog of war.” The author realizes how politically charged the Bengazi affair has been and he tells the readers that those involved in the battle do not necessarily want what happened to become merely political points for or against a political party but for the battle to be respected for its own right. The book takes more of the perspective of the guys on the ground doing their job that is typical of many military accounts that focus more on the heroism of the warriors involved rather than the political aspect of the battle. I appreciated this although one can’t help but to feel angry at the incompetence of higher ups while reading the book ranging from the CIA “non-shooters,” the State Department and the Obama administration. This story also clarified some of the misunderstanding I had of the whole controversy such as how did Ambassador Stevens was separated from everybody else and why was the Ambassador in Bengazi when he was based in the capital of Libya. Readers will appreciate the bravery of the men of the GRS who despite facing numerically superior forces, willingly went out of the way to save other fellow Americans and kept doing even when they were hurt or low on ammunition. I recommend this book, lest we forget what happened that day in Bengazi. less
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Very interesting. Provided a lot of background info that made more sense of what happened.
Very well written, great perspective from the people on the ground.
EXCELLENT primary source retelling of the Benghazi attacks.
Very informative; not political in my opinion.
Riveting and tragic.
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