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Type N (Type N Trilogy Book 1) (2013)

by Michelle N. Onuorah(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 1
0615812457 (ISBN13: 9780615812458)
MNO Media, LLC
review 1: This was a good story, there were just too many plot holes for me to get really pulled into the book. Despite this I considered recommending it to younger, maybe middle school aged kids; but there was a gruesome fight scene where someone gets an eye poked out. It was a pretty nasty part to read and I was disappointed that one scene could change the potential audience of the book so much; and it wasn't necessary (I believed) that so many details be included.
review 2: This book really sucked me in! It picked up the pace very quickly, which was nice, but I also wish there had been a little more storyline leading up to when she starts the clinical trials and also leading up to the drama with her parents. I adored the characters from the shelter so much!! I also lo
... moreve that Jason is unabashedly Christian, which was a pleasant surprise. I was hoping to see that Nic would accept Christ, although I am assuming that she does. I really liked this book and will definitely recommend it to others. I wish it had been longer. I want more!! :) less
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I am so proud of Michelle, and I am honored to know her in real life. Good first novel of adulthood.
This book was awesome! Great premise, loved the characters, and a perfectly wrapped up ending!
Great story idea, poorly executed.
2.5 stars
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