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That Scandalous Summer (2013)

by Meredith Duran(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 5
1451606966 (ISBN13: 9781451606966)
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Rules for the Reckless
review 1: I certainly liked the hero, Michael de Grey. His brother, the duke is the villain in this story. Michael studied medicine and finds being a doctor gives him purpose and he likes healing people as he was unable to help his mother who died slowly. The heroine is a bit atypical. She is a widow who comes across as shallow though she cares deeply for the people who make their living on the large property that belongs to her. Michael is living nearby as incognito as possible to avoid his brother so he is Michael Grey, physician, not Lord Michael de Grey, son and brother of a duke. Before the two consummated their relationship he tried to tell her of this but she refused to let him. I was therefore confused when she later felt slighted when his true position in society bec... moreame known.I never connected with Elizabeth. I found her rapier wit, and that of her friends, to be too negative. She had some depth, yes, but not enough for me apparently.
review 2: Fool Me Twice / That Scadalous Summer - Rules for the Reckless This is the 2nd book in the Rules of the Reckless series of Meredith Duran's, the 0.5 being Your Wicked Heart (novella) and the first being That Scandalous Summer.  I received this book from Netgalley and decided I should read the first two books...well the novella was a complete waste as only a couple of names are mentioned in Fool Me Twice.  It was fine, but really not something I would recommend reading before you die.  However, That Scandalous Summer was well worth reading.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the relationship that developed between Elizabeth and Michael.  They had a steamy attraction and the "can't be together" angst that was heart wrenching. I loved it!  Elizabeth was such a strong heroine too that she is up there now on the list of top heroines. [spoiler][/spoiler]Little did I know that Elizabeth's secretary would be the heroine in Fool Me Twice.  Olivia is on a mission and finds herself in Alastair's, Michael's depressed twin, employ.  He has found himself in deep, deep melancholy over his deceased wife's deception.  Olivia has plans.  Olivia is also super strong and Alastair is just as strong.  They are kind of lost souls but where Olivia has channeled her strife into strength, Alastair has retreated into himself.  He seems to study her like a scientist who's discovered a brand new species - he wants to understand what makes her tick.  He takes her on as a project while wanting to dominate her and squash her like a bug - take her down a couple notches.Of course, that doesn't work at all.  It does seem rather improbable that they will end up together...but they do find happiness after all. I liked Michael and Elizabeth's story better than this one, however this one is good. I am a huge (new) Meredith Duran fan and look forward to reaching more of her books. less
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From the title I expected a bit more, found it slow reading.
Ilove Meredith Duran and I would read everything she writes.
hey, by Meredith Duran...need I say more! Love her books!
Loved it!
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