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Katwalk (2014)

by Maria Murnane(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 2
1477849939 (ISBN13: 9781477849934)
Lake Union Publishing
review 1: KatwalkByMaria MurnaneWhat it's all about...Katrina and Deb have a plan! A great bold and scary plan! They are quitting their jobs on the West Coast and heading to NYC! It takes courage, planning, and strength...but just days before departure...one of them has a change of heart! So...the other one heads to NYC alone! Way to go Katrina!Where it all takes place...This novel takes place in and around the streets and parks and clubs and bars and museums and coffee houses of NYC!When much of it happens...Most of the action takes place during the two summer months that Kat is in New York on her own.Which characters had the most impact on me...Kat had the most impact on me but not in a good way. She is almost 30 and has spent most of her life doing what she is "supposed" to... more do. Then she gets to NYC and sort of gullibly gets interested in Reid...a married man. Kat assumes naively that he is getting a divorce from his wife. Why I wanted to read it...I thought that this book would be a fun romp through one of my most fave places ever...NYC. And who wouldn't want to read about a two month vacay in NYC...no job to worry about...coffee out every morning...painting in the park...drinks with new friends at night...perfection!However...Kat was kind of annoying...situations she was involved in felt fake and I never really got into the book. Probably just me...other readers might enjoy it!
review 2: This story follows straight-laced Kat Lynden after she quits an accounting job she hates in California in order to move to New York for a few months to find herself (i.e., do nothing). It took me about 50 pages to get into this story, but once I did, I really enjoyed it.Kat isn't a particularly memorable character. Even when she breaks out of her shell, she is still very vanilla. Luckily, the plot is fast-paced enough--and Kat's new friends in New York are quirky and funny enough--that the overall story doesn't suffer much. Plus, I actually did enjoy watching Kat transform into a stronger, more confident person.At first I thought Murnane laid it on a bit too thick with Kat's social awkwardness, but, over time, I realized that, having dealt with some social phobia myself, Murnane actually got that part right. And I appreciated that Kat grew as a person, but never stopped being herself--only a better version of herself.The one thing that I really didn't like was the ending. Kat's reason for (SPOILER ALERT) staying in New York seemed a bit far-fetched to me, and I wasn't convinced that someone in her position could have pulled that off in reality.But who cares? This a pretty fluff book overall, and I was just happy to be entertained by a few funny characters and an engaging storyline. Ultimately, Katwalk was a quick and enjoyable read, even if it wasn't amazing. less
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love a good book about reinventing one's life! it's never too late. cliche only at the very end!!!
Well, it's just ok. The only thing I've learned is that Mountain View is such a boring city......
Fun read
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