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Gunpowder Tea (2013)

by Margaret Brownley(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 1
1595549722 (ISBN13: 9781595549723)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
The Brides of Last Chance Ranch
review 1: A Pinkerton operative and a Wells Fargo detective are both undercover in the same town on the same mission—to catch the Phantom, a dangerous and mysterious train and bank robber. There is evidence that the Phantom is hiding at the Last Chance Ranch, so that is where they both become employed. Each thinks the other is an outlaw. As Miranda, the Pinkerton, and Jeremy, the Wells Fargo detective, try to uncover the Phantom, they are constantly at odds with one another. That is until they decide to pool their resources and work together. In this suspenseful, historical mystery, everything is revealed at just the right moment. The characters seem real and the reader gets a feel for the time period of the Arizona Territory in 1897. The witty dialog and quotes at the st... moreart of each chapter set the tone for this lively, inspirational novel. Margaret Brownley has created such a satisfying story!
review 2: My sister won this from goodreads and i took it immediately (I read it the day it came) not knowing it was part of a series. It definitely stands on its own two feet. like some series, it did not constantly refer to the books before or ruin them in any way. The book was extremely well written, thought out plot wise, and was thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend it, even to those who do are not mystery type people. I find it very difficult to find enjoyable chaste romance novels and this tops my list of ones I have read. I loved the characters and their backgrounds, from the lead characters to the minor ones. I also love how God was woven into the storyline in His own subtle way. less
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It was an interesting story, but the author left out some details that felt pertinent.
Quite an enjoyable read. Review to Come!
Pinkerton & Wells Fargo
3.5 star read
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