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Lord Gray's List (2012)

by Maggie Robinson(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 3
0758269099 (ISBN13: 9780758269096)
The London List
review 1: What I liked:*the characters*the fact that the hero and especially the heroine were a bit older -- kudos to Ms. Robinson for that because you don't see many 30-something heroines in historicals -- even if they're widows, they're usually still under 30*the premise of a fashionable tabloid and a female publisherWhat I didn't like:*the plot holes -- the backstory wasn't sufficiently fleshed out for my taste -- why did they care about each other in the first place? why does Evie (supposedly) hate him now enough to ruin him socially?*the many historical inaccuracies2.5 stars for me.
review 2: This is a really sweet story. Evangeline Ramsey is a strong, independent woman in an era when women weren't allowed to be independent. She is also mouthy, judgmental and head
... morestrong. She is an awesome heroine! Lord Benton Gray is a man done wrong. He is a little boy who has been acting out for 10 years because his heart was broken. When their worlds collide, they are forced to spend time together. The longer they spend together the more time they want together. Their history makes it hard for Evangeline to trust her feelings and to act on them. They are a fun couple. I really liked how the author didn't rush them headlong into being "in love". They, of course, have to encounter some danger. There are secrets. And there are misunderstandings. Overall, this story was a fun read that I would recommend. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I thought the writing could be a little tighter. The slow spots really detracted from the story.Quotes:For a moment his face was frozen, and then he laughed. Watching Benton Gray laugh did something to her insides-his eyes crinkled, his mouth opened wide to reveal his excellent teeth, and his large form shook from top to toe. page 80"Someone should take you in hand." From the moment he spoke the words, he knew they were a mistake. page 129copy won from A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet blog (signed by author!) less
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Nice historical, got better the more I read
Fun and witty and earthy.
Didn't hold my interest.
Nice story. I liked it.
deleted from kindle
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