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Deadly Intent (2008)

by Lynda La Plante(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 2
0743295749 (ISBN13: 9780743295741)
Simon & Schuster
Anna Travis
review 1: I enjoyed main story line, although at times I got a bit confused with how a victim tied in to the story when they hadn't been spoken about for some time. I was excited when Langton was brought back into the story but I disliked the way he treated Anna, as if she was an insolent child. Langton's ego was too big for his boots in this book. I hope his bubble is burst in the next book, and that Anna ceases to make stupid decisions, such as deciding to date a former suspect.
review 2: This entire series follows Anna's growth and maturity as a person and detective, and this book happens to hit her at a time when her skill level is high, but her maturity just doesn't match. Her need to prove herself as a detective is matched only by her need to prove herself to Langt
... moreon, who she is no longer with but still in love with. So, it catches her at her most egotistical and annoying. The plot is good (as they always are thanks to Ms. La Plante), Anna just ruins it, but she is much better in the earlier and later books. It's just part of her maturing. This book seems like a speed bump you have to make your way over in the series. less
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Rather long and would have been better if it was briefer. A few too many leaps of logic.
I'm a fan, but while this was good... it wasn't what one of my faves.
Not my favourite Lynda La Plante book for me it went on too long.
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