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Murder Is Binding (2008)

by Lorna Barrett(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 3
0425219585 (ISBN13: 9780425219584)
Berkley Prime Crime
Booktown Mystery
review 1: I think I have a mental block about New Hampshire. A good many of my ancestors started out there, but had all moved to Maine by the time the 1790 census was taken. And, when one's home state borders only one other, all that contiguous-state-rivalry stuff gets concentrated on one place. So when I got to New Hampshire in my alphabetical A Mystery for Every State project, I had a hard time. I tried two other books before finding this one. Although it was somewhat lacking in sense of place to my mind, that may be because (shhh!) New Hampshire and Maine aren't really all that different.Tricia Miles has left all she knew behind to open a mystery bookstore in a small New Hampshire town with ambitions to be the Hay-on-Wye of New England. Things are going reasonably well when two t... morehings happen: her much-married older sister shows up and the owner of the neighboring cookbook store is murdered. Sister Angelica brings up all the old sibling rivalry stuff, and Tricia comes under suspicion when a stolen (and very valuable) cookbook shows up in her mystery shelves. Plus, the sheriff doesn't like her at all. Since this is a "cozy" mystery, everything turns out in the end, but there are enough plot twists and subplots to keep things interesting. I enjoyed this book and will probably read more in the series when my TBR pile is a little shorter.
review 2: I think this is a WONDERFUL start to a new series!!! The story takes place in Stoneham, NH where Tricia and her cat Miss. Marple open up a bookstore in a town that has recently encouraged an entourage of people to open up unique bookstores.The characters are very well developed for a first in a cozy series. I like the relationship between Tricia and her sister Angela. Tricia's "Haven't Got a Clue" bookstore also has wonderful characters; Mr. Edmunds the older gentleman who reads there every day, and eventually is offered a job, to Ginny Tricia's other helper.The story revolves around Doris Gleason, the owner of the "Cookery" who was found stabbed in her own store. The police detective thinks Tricia is the criminal and is out to prove it, regardless that Tricia and Angela "snoop sisters" find out clues that lead to the real criminal. There are many twists and turns in the story and the other characters such as Russ, the town's newspaper reporter, and Bob, the town's realator, have room for much growth during the series.All in all I gave this book a hardy 4 stars and can't wait to read the second in the series. In fact, I believe it to be that good, that I actually bought the next 5 out 8 books! less
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This is one of those "cozy mysteries," about a woman who owns a mystery book store in New England.
Light and fluffy enough that I can listen to the audiobook while working.
Very light read - best for a little escape.
Cute quick read
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