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The Winters In Bloom [With Earbuds] (2011)

by Lisa Tucker(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 5
1455823481 (ISBN13: 9781455823482)
review 1: A sheltered little boy wanders away with a stranger... Every mother's worst nightmare, right? Not really, with this book.I enjoyed reading this book. It was, as Pat Conroy says, "a page turner." I found the story interesting and pretty easy to follow most of the time. I was even pleasantly surprised that the author was able to follow several characters, mixing past and present of each, and not leave me utterly confused, as some authors have. (Well, the "letters to mom" sections were a bit confusing at first, as I tried to match them to a character already presented and that just didn't work.) I sort of guessed who the abductor was (well, not exactly, but close) pretty early on, as the author tried not-so-subtly dropping hints. But then those hints were really irrelevant in... more the end. I'm still not sure exactly why it wasn't the exact person I guessed. I'm not going to give that away, but if you've read the book, I think you'll know who I mean. I don't think this was a great book, the writing style was adequate, the characters pretty well developed. It just didn't grab me as I'd hoped. Maybe because it was apparent very early on that things were going to be okay; there was no real "bad" guy. So while it's similar to Deep End of the Ocean, it just doesn't hit those momma nerves the way that book did.
review 2: When I picked up The Winters in Bloom by Lisa Tucker I was definitely in the mood for some family drama reading. I got chills with the opening section and felt immediately connected to this small, 5-year old child named Michael. Then, he was whisked away and the story began to unfold.The Winters in Bloom is a novel that explores not only the disappearance of Michael, but the past histories of his parents. Both are overly cautious for reasons of their own. For David Winter, it was tragedy of one kind, and for Kyra, tragedy of another. And both their pasts intersect in a twisting, winding turn of events that had me guessing until the end of the book.While I enjoyed very much the "unputdownable" nature of The Winters in Bloom, I do have a bone to pick with it, however. The introduction of the book gave me this awesome, fantastic character in Michael and, aside from a few moments here and there throughout the story, there really wasn't much more time spent with him. As a result, what time there was spent with him seemed a bit gimmicky - like he was fairly one-dimensional and, as a result, the end of the book came off as a bit fake. I wanted to feel a powerful emotion of some sort when I got to the ending pages, but instead, I found myself speeding up my reading just because I wanted to finish and had lost that momentum of caring about Michael after the big reveal of who did it happened.With that said, the rest of the book leading up to the reveal? Kept me guessing and was highly entertaining. less
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Such a sudden ending...out of nowhere! And my Kindle only showed 76% and it ended? Felt cheated!
I loved it. It just kept me turning pages and I felt connected to the characters.
I usually like her stories. No surprises but no disappointments.
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