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Shadowplay (2014)

by Laura Lam(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 1
190884440X (ISBN13: 9781908844408)
Strange Chemistry
Micah Grey
review 1: I went out and bought this before I had finished the first book. And I was not disappointed. I even went out and bought a couple of the first book and this as well for my University's Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre. This book took everything I loved about the first book and then added in MORE - more Victorian-esc influence, more wonder, and more intrigue. I cannot wait for the third book. If you've read Pantomime, do yourself a favour and continue with Shadowplay.
review 2: The much anticipated second installment from Laura Lam. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, and was longing to read this one. I had this on order from amazon, but was too impatient to read it so I picked up a second copy from the bookstore. I do not feel that this is money wasted as I
... more devoured the book within hours of getting a spare moment to read it. The character development in this volume showed much growth from the author as a builder. Not one aspect of the book was flat or grossly underdeveloped. The connections and relationships in this story are actually believable too. I have read a great many a book in the past that, while enjoyable to the point, lacked in the department of being able to draw me into the world of the writer's creation. Reading Shadowplay was akin to being able to cross through the wall at Platform 9 3/4 in HP. It was just "Woah.." less
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Cliffhangers... I hate you. And the third book hasn't even been announced yet!
Laura Lam has deftly crafted another fast-paced, emotional novel.
3.5 like the first. An interesting series to be sure.
Great continuation of Micah's story...
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