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Boleyn Deceit (2013)

by Laura Andersen(Favorite Author)
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1299999050 (ISBN13: 9781299999053)
Ballantine Books
The Boleyn Trilogy
review 1: So great!! I'm dying to get my hands on The Boleyn Reckoning now. Anderson really knows how to pull you in with a cliffhanger!If I thought the first one was 4 stars, then this novel was definitely 5 stars. I think because I was already heavily invested in the characters, I felt like I had to keep reading and find out what happened. I think this alternative historical fiction genre is such a great idea, and probably all the more so for the Tudors because, personally, I know the actual history so well.
review 2: Summary:William (the son of Anne and Henry VIII) is now the King of England. The problem is that England is not completely behind this choice of king. There are other claims to the throne and there are tensions within the kingdom. To appease the Catholics
... more, William is betrothed to a very young princess from France. Unfortunately, he has absolutely no intent on actually marrying her because he is in love with Minuette, a girl that grew up with the Boleyn family. To make matters worse, Minuette is actually in love with Dominic, William's best friend. Minuette attempts to keep the peace between her two lovers without anyone actually finding out the scandal, and William needs to get his court in order. This of course is difficult because the Boleyn's do love to be in control in spite of everyone else.My thoughts:I have loved this series so far. It is an interesting twist on the "what might have been" in history. First, William is actually a healthy boy instead of the stillborn son of reality. Taking after his father, he rules with a strict vision and gets exactly what he wants. Within this novel, William is one of the central characters, and we find out a lot about him, but we also follow Elizabeth, Minuette, and Dominic. Each character is thoroughly built with faults that are sure to cause conflict with the court. Dominic is a strong, loyal friend. In spite of the knowledge that Minuette is in love with him, Dominic is true to William through and through. He is the loyal friend that all of us wish we had. Minuette is very strong. She definitely could have been a Boleyn. She is smart and knows how to play the courtly game. In spite of her terrible position, she is able to work her way through court without losing her mind. Finally, Elizabeth is a character sure to capture your heart. Much like her real self, she is a powerful, but flirtatious young woman. She has missteps that cause her great pain, but her strength grows throughout the novel to a point where you can see how great of a ruler she will(?) be. I can't wait for the next book and wonder where everyone will end up. less
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This book has all of the same problems the first had. Still too much focus on the love triangle.
*Cliff. . .hanger* Need #3 ASAP!
Love this series!
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