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Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 04 (2009)

by Kyousuke Motomi(Favorite Author)
4.46 of 5 Votes: 2
1421537303 (ISBN13: 9781421537306)
Dengeki Daisy
review 1: Dengeki Daisy is a light-read manga. It was well-drawn and I love it. What keeps you turn every page is that how attractive, how hot, how irresistable this Kurosaki is. Although it is predictable, I really liked the way the writer puts the events in order. Also, she was able to show the readers how protective this Kurosaki is, trying his each and every strength to protect Teru from harm. Not the usual type of school-related manga.
review 2: The librarian at my library forced me to check this series out. She literally went to the bookshelf and came back with the first three volumes of the series. Talk about being assertive!That said, I wasn't as keen to check it out, so it's probably a good thing that someone did it for me or I might never have given the story
... more a chance - the reason being that the cover art bugs me. I told my husband that and he asked me what series cover art do I actually like and that made me pause for a moment. Out of the nearly 40 series that I've read, only a few came to mind. Anyway, talk about not judging a book by its cover...it's just that when it comes to manga, you do judge a story by its art and if the cover art bugs me then, well, enough on that. I chose to make my review on volume 4 because out of the 5 volumes out now, I can tolerate volume 4 the best.So, Dengeki Daisy. As with a lot of (okay, most of) shoujo manga, Dengeki Daisy is peppered with cliche after cliche. I actually don't mind the cliches so long as the characters are likeable and there's an actual plot that actually goes somewhere. In this cliche set up, we've got Teru, who is an orphan. Before he died, Teru's older brother left her a person that she can contact when she needs someone to talk to. This person is DAISY. Teru is able to contact DAISY through text messages on her phone. By talking to this person electronically (dengeki could probably be translated as electric), Teru finds the emotional support to help her through bullying and loneliness as she navigates high school life on her own.What follows is a cute romantic comedy that has some tragic undertones. Dengeki Daisy might be considered a high school version of "You've Got Mail" which was a modern day version of "The Shop Around the Corner". The humor is witty, the characters are extremely likeable (especially our spunky heroine, which is an absolute must), and the art is nice and clean. This series is pure fun - no deep philosophies about life found here - but that's its intent and it does it well. Recommended for those who have a weakness for cute romantic comedies. less
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i love this manga, i wish it would never end!
God it keeps getting better
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