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Stormbound: Seduced By The Neighbors (2011)

by Kirsten McCurran(Favorite Author)
3.06 of 5 Votes: 4
0013386514 (ISBN13: 2940013386518)
Aphrodite Omnimedia
review 1: I was pleased by the story. A bit contrived at the start, even I would have put on a raincoat or even a plastic bag to venture out into the driving rain. That said, once the lights went out the story took off. I enjoyed it as a quick read. I think I might have enjoyed more of her feelings about making it with a woman for the first time, but overall I would recommend this as a quick fix for what ails you.
review 2: A dangerous storm, all alone in a big house, and neighbors who have wanted to do you for awhile ... what more does a single mom need to get some much needed action? That is the "plot" of this short story. The idea is good, but it seems to be taken way over the top. The woman on woman portion was well written as you felt one woman's passion while al
... moreso sensing the other's hesitation. Once they both let go, it is very sexy encounter.However I felt the story lost something when the husband called his neighbor a MILF and a cougar while wanting to have sex with her in front of his wife. While I usually prefer the stories to have a little dialogue as well as the sex....this conversation would have been better left unsaid. The ending seemed rushed as well...maybe more about the feelings that had to be running in the neighbor's mind?Not a bad read, the sex scenes are scorching and it is a good fantasy read. I just would have liked some better dialogue, especially from the man, to complete the story. Three and a half stars. less
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I don't no how I feel..why did they just do it and it's over
Meh... Hot but not much else...
Rushed little erotic story.
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