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Formerly Shark Girl (2013)

by Kelly Bingham(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 4
0763653624 (ISBN13: 9780763653620)
Candlewick Press
Shark Girl
review 1: Written in verse, Formerly Shark Girl is the sequel to Shark Girl. A year after the shark attack that took Jane's arm, she is now in her senior year in high school. Jane has her bucket list which includes getting her first kiss, going to prom, winning an art contest and applying to art school and nursing school. The book includes letters from strangers to Jane that are sometimes encouraging and sometimes just stupid. They encourage her and make her angry at times. As Jane navigates the decisions she needs to make, she begins to get back to the girl she once was. Art has always been her first love but with one arm she wonders how good can she really be? Maybe being injured has shown her that she needs to give back and become a nurse. As Jane goes through her year she... more has the help of friends, teachers and unexpected boys who help put her life back into perspective.
review 2: Shark Girl is back and she plans on making a comeback. Back to school and still recovering, Jane finds herself in even more situations than ever before. Boys, family, jobs, the future, it's all right there in front of her. So why is it so hard to reach out for it and get ahold of it? Jane finds that things are harder than they seem, especially with one arm. This novel is a great example of perseverance, love, and many other topics. I recommend Formerly Shark Girl to lovers of Kelly's first book in this series. 3 stars. less
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Normally not a fan of novels in verse, but this was well done.
A solid sequel to one of my favorite YA novels, Shark Girl.
good quick read
review to come
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