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The Midnight Library (2014)

by Kazuno Kohara(Favorite Author)
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1596439858 (ISBN13: 9781596439856)
Roaring Brook Press
review 1: I wasn't going to put this up on Goodreads, but goll darn, this is such a cute book! Not only is this such a cute book, it is a cute book about libraries. HECK YEAH! This young librarian runs a special library which is only open at night, and she has three owl assistants. The library is populated by animal patrons, some who have obstacles which the librarian and her assistants help them overcome. I love the art work and how cute all the characters are. I think this would be an excellent book to read to kids in Kindergarten and preschool. A charming book about this special library. Very, very glad I checked this out from the library.
review 2: The midnight librarian and her assistant owls help all the animals find the perfect book, and encourage reading till daw
... moren.A whimsical book about a unique library open from midnight till dawn. The three owl assistants are adorable little creatures (I think I want some). I like how they encourage the fox to persevere through the sad part of it's book to the happy ending. This is definitely a book aimed at library and book lovers, but what will most likely enthrall a larger audience is the unique illustration style. Kohara illustrates the entire book using only thick black for outlines, midnight blue for the background, and yellowy-orange for highlighted items/creatures. It is utterly unique, but captivating and so very cute. less
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Magical & sweet, with charmingly simple illustrations.
Cute premise, but don't like the illustrations
Lovely story to share at library storytime
Review to follow soon.
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