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Lovetorn (2012)

by Kavita Daswani(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 4
0061673110 (ISBN13: 9780061673115)
HarperCollins, HarperTeen
review 1: Shalini has to move to L.A. because her father has gotten a job there. Since she's from India they have their own traditions over there and everything is different. Right now she's in a taxi and she's going into her new home. Where she is moving into it's a big community. She is in high school and has to start a new life because in India it's a tradition to get married at a certain age. She already has her husband but in this book she finds someone new that makes her feel some type of way. I found this book interesting because it provides a girl from somewhere out in the world having to start over in a brand new place. I also liked it because she's fighting for what she's believes in. She's fighting for the love of her life.
review 2: The copy I read was a hand
... more-me-down ARC, so I can't be too definite about my complaints.Let me start by saying that the narrator is likable, as are several supporting characters. The cultural flavor of the book is highly interesting as well as educational for an American of European descent. It is also refreshing, in fiction written for teen girls, to hear from a narrator who is very clear on her passions, and they aren't even too cliché.However.The cover and summaries are misleading. Sure, she's "lovetorn," but mostly about her home country and her various allegiances to family, fiancé, etc. The other boy doesn't even enter the story till halfway through the book, and even then the relationship takes a while to build up enough steam to consider it a threat to her engagement.And, for that matter, the boys are sort of flat characters. Fiancé is sweet and devoted and a model student and dream son-in-law. Crush plays the flute and acts sort of stereotypically Californian. I'm not even sure why he's supposed to be such hot stuff, but that's okay; real crushes don't always make sense.But then, when it all comes to a head at the end of the book, our heroine keeps finding herself in tears. She can't pull herself together for five minutes. That's irritating enough - but, I suppose, understandable, given she's still going through a lot of stress from the move and her mom and she's at an emotional age - but the way she keeps mentioning it is irritating! She tells you the exact moment she realizes there are tears in her eyes, and it happens maybe five times within the span of a few pages. There are other ways to get the point across that you are upset, sweetheart. I was pretty forgiving toward this book until that part, but that sent me over the edge. I know it's a small thing, but it broke the fourth wall because it was like the author just slapped the ending together in time to meet a deadline without much editing.If you are looking for a piece of fun fiction to educate a girl about Indian-American culture, this is a nice option.If you are simply looking for a piece of fun fiction, you will likely be frustrated by this book. Move on. less
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A good book for teenagers. The story gets pretty intriguing after a few fifty pages.
Its really stupid. It really is just stupid.
Cute enjoyable book!
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